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Learning Aids. View MS & Plus teaching videos, and, use the animated call lookup for MS through C3B
Click here for the teaching site covering Mainstreram and Plus. Saddlebrooke Squares, Tucson, has provided videos for both lists.
View definitions and animations of all calls from Mainstream through C3A. Provided by Taminations.org.

Calendar of Events and Club Info
John Blaisdell is the Calendar of Events Coordinator. John collects and assembles calendar information for the federation. Additionally, John helps clubs maintain, when requested, online information such as the static club demographics, contacts, announcements, and special events. John continues to insure the high accuracy of our information. John may be contacted via email at calendar@marylandsquaredancing.com.
Thank You John!

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Dancers! We hope you will find this website useful for finding out more about the Mason Dixon Square Dancers Federation and our member clubs. This website is full of information about the Federation and the club schedule and dance levels. Using this site you can discover when and where you can dance as well as contact information for the Federation's clubs and events.

MDSDF clubs welcome dancers at all levels of modern western square dancing, round dancing, and even 2X2 club dances and festivals. MDSDF's goal is to provide a time and place to meet every dancer's needs so that everyone can enjoy dancing with friendly and welcoming people.

The menu above will provide you with links to our member clubs and other resources available in the Maryland area.

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