A BANNER DANCE is a special, open and advertised dance where any number of clubs gather for the specific purpose of taking home the host clubs banner.

1. A club participating in a BANNER DANCE must be able to dance at the level of the host club. (caution and courtesy) ... When the host club comes to retrieve its banner, the club which had won the banner, has the responsibility of insuring that the retrieving club has adequate opportunity to dance at its club level.

2. A club must have at least one (1) square in order to capture a banner.

3. Once a dancer has signed in, that dancer may not change club affiliation.

4. A dancer must wear something to identify him/her with the club he/she is representing. i.e., badge, belt buckle, etc.

5. All dancers who wish to be counted, must be signed in no later than one (1) hour after the dance has started.

6. If a member of the host club wants to represent another club of which that dancer is also a member, the donation fee must be paid.

7. Those clubs holding BANNER DANCES shall provide two (2) banners; one (1) large club banner and one (1) small banner or trophy. Any deviations must be advertised in the CALENDAR OF EVENTS. The club with the largest number of registered dancers wins the host clubs large banner. The small banner or trophy goes to the remaining club with the highest percentage of its dancers registered at the BANNER DANCE. Clubs wishing to be considered for the percentage banner or trophy must bring a copy of their club's current roster. The small banner or trophy is specifically designed for small clubs (50 dancers or less) but any club, except the winner of the large banner is eligible. NO ONE CLUB can win both banners.

8. To break any ties, the club traveling the farthest wins the banner.

9. CLUBS may schedule more than one (1) BANNER DANCE per dance year.

10. Once a banner has been acquired, the new temporary owners will take considerate care of that banner. The temporary owners will pin their club badge with date acquired on the banner. If any damage is done to the host club's banner, either accidentally or maliciously, while in another clubs care, it is the responsibility of the temporary owner to: replace the banner, properly repair the banner or give the monetary repair or replacement cost of the banner in accordance with the decision of the host club.

11. The winner of the large banner (1st place) expects to take the host club's principal banner home with them. If the 1st place trophy is not the principal banner, then the principal banner may not be displayed until the 1st place trophy has been retrieved. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

12. Banners may be retrieved at any regular club dance by one (1) or more squares, but no sooner than one (1) month after the date of the capture. This does not include special dances, unless previously coordinated or agreed upon.

It is recommended that where distance is a factor, clubs make their own arrangements for retrieving their banner.

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